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The company name:Yantai fresh collect food Co. Ltd.

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Address:Happy road Zhifu city Yantai District No. 188-46
About Us

Yantai fresh collect food Co. Ltd. is an approved by the relevant departments of the state registration of enterprises. The company has processing plants, cooperation in Shandong large cold storage, ocean fishing boat, have a stable supply of goods, high quality products. Long term since, by virtue of excellent quality, preferential prices, excellent service, create a good corporate image. The company now with a number of food enterprises, large hotels, all over the wholesale market merchants established a longterm stable cooperative relations. Company based in Yantai, the scope of business involving foreign and Mainland China, all provinces.

Golden crab
Brown crab
King crab
Imported cooked frozen whelk
raw whelk meat
Mexico whelk meat
Mexico cooked topshell meat--
whelk meat
bay scallop meat
boiled scallop meat with skirt
halfshell sea scallop
monkfish tail